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A Few Things You Could Learn from Your Local Pharmacists

Your local pharmacists like the ones you can find here with us at Broadway Pharmacy are highly knowledgeable and learned regarding the chemical composition and effects of your medication. There are many things you could learn from them including techniques and services that can promote your treatment program. For example, with our proper patient counseling … Continue reading

A Few Benefits of Transfer Prescription Services

Did you know that your local pharmacy does not only provide medicines and medical equipment? They also offer a range of services that can help promote your quality of life. One of these services is transferring prescriptions. Pharmacies, like our pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey, offer this and many other services that can help … Continue reading

A Few Ways to Help You Remember to Take Your Medication

Taking your medication at the right time is very important in order for the medication to have its full effect. There are may be negative side effects from taking your medication outside the prescribed time such as building a resistance to the medicine. Pharmacies like our pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey, know the importance … Continue reading