Possible Causes of Heartburn and How to Relieve It


If you are experiencing a sharp burning feeling in your chest, then you may have heartburn. The sensation can last a few minutes or several hours. What you are experiencing is also a gastroesophageal reflux disease symptom. Doctors can identify this as such by doing tests.

Here are the common possible causes of heartburn:

  1. Eating large chunks of food and swallowing them without proper chewing
  2. Drinking too much coffee and sodas
  3. Certain sleeping positions
  4. Excess weight
  5. Smoking

Heartburn can be utterly agonizing if you do not do anything about it. If you are experiencing heartburn, you may want to do the following:

  1. Eat your food slowly. It helps if you chew more so that you can buy more time.

  2. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages. Drink plenty of water instead.

  3. Try sleeping with your upper-body elevated so that the acids in your stomach will not gush up to your esophagus. If you’re not comfortable, you may try to sleep on your left side.

  4. Exercise regularly and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.

  5. If you smoke, you may want to quit the bad habit. Not only this causes heartburn, but it can also lead to other health issues.

If you continue to experience heartburn, you need to contact your doctor. Drug prescriptions are available at Broadway Pharmacy, a pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey. If you have questions about our pharmaceutical supplies in New Jersey, contact us now.

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