Can Birth Control Pills Lead to High Blood Pressure?

For a lot of female customers at a pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey who are between the ages of fifteen and forty-four, birth control pills rank as the most favored method of preventing pregnancy. Unfortunately, the synthetic hormones that birth control pills contain, and which make them effective in keeping women from becoming pregnant, … Continue reading

Having High Blood Pressure During Your Pregnancy?

High blood pressure, in and by itself, is a prevailing medical condition. But what if you develop hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) when you are planning to have a baby or when a tiny life is already beating inside your womb? Well, to answer that question, any first-class pharmacy in North Bergen, New … Continue reading

A Few Things You Could Learn from Your Local Pharmacists

Your local pharmacists like the ones you can find here with us at Broadway Pharmacy are highly knowledgeable and learned regarding the chemical composition and effects of your medication. There are many things you could learn from them including techniques and services that can promote your treatment program. For example, with our proper patient counseling … Continue reading

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A Few Ways to Promote Better Medication Organization

In many pharmacies like our pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey, they provide beneficial services that can improve your adherence to your medication and treatment plan. These services are also often aimed at improving your medication organization at home. A few examples of these services that you may find with us here at Broadway Pharmacy … Continue reading

Benefits of Proper Patient Counseling

One great and beneficial service that is provided by some pharmacies is patient counseling. This service can be one-on-one counseling, family counseling, over the phone, and many more depending on your local pharmacies. Proper patient counseling is one of the services you may experience in our pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey and can help … Continue reading

Why Vitamins and Minerals Are Important

In many pharmacies like our pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey, you can find many vitamins and mineral supplements for your diet. Vitamins and minerals are important for overall health and wellness. The problem it is difficult to get all your vitamins and minerals from food alone especially for those with a more restrictive diet. … Continue reading