Having High Blood Pressure During Your Pregnancy?

Having High Blood Pressure During Your Pregnancy?

High blood pressure, in and by itself, is a prevailing medical condition. But what if you develop hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) when you are planning to have a baby or when a tiny life is already beating inside your womb?

Well, to answer that question, any first-class pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey will be able to tell you that having high blood pressure when you are pregnant can put not just your life, but also that of your baby, at risk. Primary care physicians do not always know what causes it, but any mom-to-be can actually develop this medical condition at any given time during pregnancy. It is integral to note, however, that some conditions can also raise one’s risk. For instance, obesity, teenage pregnancy, kidney disease, heart disease, gestational diabetes (or just diabetes in general), as well as having their first baby, are known risk factors. Being over forty years old, smoking, carrying twins or more, and having experienced preeclampsia or high blood pressure during a previous pregnancy, can also increase their risk.

But, because hypertension is a silent health condition most of the time, most individuals aren’t aware that they have it until they have had their routine blood pressure check. So, our pharmacists at Broadway Pharmacy advise you to see your doctors in order to find out if you are, indeed, developing too-high blood pressure levels. Make sure to ask for a proper drug prescription if you have been diagnosed with hypertension.

If you’re wondering where to get your doctor-recommended pharmaceutical supplies in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to drop by our pharmacy at your convenience.


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