Can Birth Control Pills Lead to High Blood Pressure?

Can Birth Control Pills Lead to High Blood Pressure?

For a lot of female customers at a pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey who are between the ages of fifteen and forty-four, birth control pills rank as the most favored method of preventing pregnancy. Unfortunately, the synthetic hormones that birth control pills contain, and which make them effective in keeping women from becoming pregnant, are also the very ones that can help escalate a woman’s risk of developing high blood pressure. Coupled with other risk factors like smoking, being more than thirty-five years old, and being obese, using the pills might put you at even greater risk. Not only can birth control pills raise your pressure levels from slightly to potentially life-threatening; they also heighten your chances of developing blood clots.
While being off the pill has been found to lower some women’s blood pressure, a number of researchers are of the opinion that birth control pills can still continue increasing the diastolic pressure of older ladies who have discontinued its use for years. It has not been determined yet, however, what the actual risk is of developing hypertension while on the pill.

On that note, a question arises: can you use birth control pills if you have high blood pressure?
Well, the answer actually depends on your symptoms and the results of your blood pressure check. If you develop hypertension after using the pill, your physicians may decide to either have you continue taking them as normal, change your pill brands to a different drug prescription, or have you switch to another method of birth control.

If you have additional concerns, you can discuss the risks with your healthcare provider of choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for quality pharmaceutical supplies in New Jersey, visit Broadway Pharmacy.

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