Beneficial Services You Can Find at Pharmacies

Beneficial Services You Can Find at Pharmacies

The services provided by most pharmacies are offered in order to promote convenience, medication safety, medication adherence, medication education, and effective treatment programs. For example in our pharmacy in North Bergen, New Jersey we make getting your prescription more convenient with our transfer prescription services.

We at Broadway Pharmacy have listed a few beneficial services you can find and experience at most pharmacies:

  • Blood pressure screening.
    Knowing your blood pressure will help you better manage and promote good health especially for the elderly. Many people have a blood pressure testing apparatus at home to regularly monitor their blood pressure. But some people have no idea how to use one. If that is the case, visit your local pharmacy and ask if they offer free blood pressure screening.
  • Pick-up and delivery service.
    This service is very valuable for the elderly and persons with disabilities. This way they are able to have the medicines indicated in their drug prescription delivered to them. They no longer have to travel to the pharmacy which may be more challenging for the elderly and persons with disability. This service also does a great job in promoting medication adherence by ensuring a simple and convenient way for people to receive their medicines.
  • MoneyGram Services.
    Some pharmacies like us provide people with MoneyGram services. With this service people are able to conveniently send and receive money. This convenient service is a wireless, fast, and easy way for you to send money to loved ones where they can receive it at their nearest MoneyGram service provider.

Those are just a few beneficial services you can find at pharmacies that you may not have known about. We also provide a variety of pharmaceutical supplies in New Jersey and all the beneficial services mentioned above.

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